The end of an era, penned by Susan George...

Over 25 years of breeding the Arabian purebred, Simon and I hosted many a showcase at Georgian Arabians, for our delight and audiences who came in their droves to share with us their love of horses. There are many amazing moments to remember; the time when Spirit of Esteem was presented teasing mare SG Isscia in the arena, how she got away from the handler and how incredibly well mannered Spirit was, presented with a mare running rings around him and I remeber my commentatiing words. "That I might soon be announcing, Ladies and Gentleman I may soon be announcing a live covering, coming to you from Georgian Arabians!!!!" 

The time when black stallion SG Indigo (always a crowd pleaser) was showing off his magnificent paces while snapping up an entire palm tree in his mouth and holding it high in the air for his glory moment. The quadrille that began so professionally, until Sparky George decided to head in the opposite direction from all others, causing momentary chaos.!! The emotional moments so many, when Georgian Arabians Foundation mare Luzhana (dressed in authentic Egyptian costume) led her beautiful offspring around the arena with foal at foot SG Boranya to the music of "Lady in Red"

The little girl from the disabled riding school who fell in love on her visit and the smile on her face when she presented me with a bouquet of spring flowers, a moment I'll not forget. The fun and calamities behind the scenes and all the wonderful support from my team, headed up for years by my stud manager Kate Benson.

Our housekeeper Ann and her extraordinary food fare, made to match the season. Nikki, Mandy and Kyle washing and preparing horses for days prior to the event, while Gwenda exercised ridden horses. Simon painting walls and me running ragged planting flowers and making final touches the day before, all such evocative memories of such special times gone by.      

A best of best memory in 2010 when our renownedly famous stallion Artist turned 30 and Simon and I carried out a cake and we all sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY. That year I made a tearful speech about Georgian Arabians, the realisation of a dream and how one man's love and support had made everything possible. How could I ever have imagined what was to be.....

Life, saw irrevicable change after loosing Simon but I continued to pursue all Georgian Arabians plans we had begun together that have since come to fruition and I know would make him proud.

In 2017 I surprised myself and others by accepting an offer to return to the screen for the BBC hit series The Real Marigold Hotel and spent a month filming in India. It was with out doubt a life time experience that renewed my spirit for adventure and the outcome, the opportunity to return to my former career.

I am not giving up on my Georgian Arabians horses on the contrary, only recently have I begun a new venture in the form of WE SELL DREAMS.

My hope, that visitors to the website, will see the sale page and follow up by coming to the farm to see if we can find their perfect partner and once chosen, become part of our extended family continuing to promote the legacy of Georgian Arabians horses in years to come. Individual success stories are many and although the year 2020 has already seen a world change, for me my horses journey has been an incredible one from the then to now and as one era ends, so excitingly begins another.......... 


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News Round up 2018

A round up of news from 2016/17/18 

2016 We apologise that as we are so behind with news, we've decided to roll several years into one..... Showing horses hasn't been a priority in recent times, for but SG Spirit of Essteem who had such a successful career as a junior, twice British National Champion in hand and at 5 years Reserve in Novice ridden, Susan George decided to put him on the endurance circuit and at 13 years old, in one season, ridden faultlessly by Nikki Malcolm, Spirit of Essteem excelled all expectation becoming a Grade One Endurance stallion in that year. Georgian Arabians owe a huge thank you to Mr Philip Skingle for his sponsorsship and belief that Spirit would win on the day!!!. It was an amazing achievement for Georgian Arabians, as not only Spirit but his son, SG Elegant, bred by Susan was revered as one of the best rising stars in 2016. To watch these two GA homebreds after miles of trecking, coming home side by side at Two Rivers was an incredible sight that proud owner Susan was there to see. It was a father and son success story, that touched the hearts of many riders and fellow competitors. Hats off to Nicola Malcolm and Nathan Sweeney and the fantastic Riding High Team. At the stud that year, the GA team got on with training youngsters and by the end of the year, all 16 ridden horses had been sold on to new homes.

2017 Was a busy year at the stud and no time for competition in the UK, but a few SG horses spent a season in Europe with Mathieu Milloux. SG Vienna Image and SG Amber Djewel flew the home flag in France, and Susan along with sponsors and friends went for the first time to the impressive Vichy C Show where a fabulous time was shared by all. Fans and supporters of Susan George will know, that although her love for her Arabian horses is of immense importance, so is her former film career that has recently seen a renaissance. And consequently, there were many changes afoot at Georgian Arabians stud farm in 2017. That September, Susan George accepted an (out of her comfort zone offer) to fly to India as one of the stars of the hit BBC television show, The Real Marigold Hotel, and so began another chapter of an extremely unique and diversified career.

2018 and after the hardest, coldest wettest winter for years now the long summer of sun and the extreme weather changes brought about hard times for farmers, the equestrian sport world and many many many others.

June however was a gorgeous month at Georgian Arabians with a friend staying at the farm on summer break from University, who just happened to be the most talented Natural horseman. While he worked the horses in training Susan found more time than usual to play!!!! There were smiles, enlightening suppers and for Susan a helper on the farm for all things that needed doing. Things were looking up!!!

Organisation had begun for two Lasting Life fundraisers and a lovely reunion with a friendship made in India last year. August saw a visit from a special friend and fellow breeder of Arabian horses and the GA team spent several days preparing for a day of presention. 


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2015 News

Due to a heavy work shedule owner Susan George was unable to make her usual visit to the Middle East in the spring and this year instead, took a five week working /pleasure trip to the USA. Invited as VIP guest of the World Cup Breeders Show in Las Vegas she spent her last 5 days at the show and was incredibly impressed.The show she described as one of style, tightly run by Scott Bailey with an impressive enty of some of the worlds finest pure bred Arabian horses on display. All professionally and excitingly exhibited. For Susan it was a chance to spend quality time with special friends Robert and Dixie North and to meet and make friends with many other Arabian horse breeders, handlers and enthusiasts. A highlight of the show was seeing friend Sheila Varian accepting a life time achievment award and a proud moment came, when Susan carried the British Flag in the parade of All Nations. On returning to her farm life was busier than ever with the birth of two very special SG Imagine daughters but as many folk know, there was also a time of great sadness ,when Susan's beautiful mare Djewel became seriously ill and lost her life, not long after foaling. Susan described losing Djewel as a hole in the heart of Georgian Arabians but she left behind the most gorgeous filly, SG Ruby Djewel Image to join brother SG Just Djude and sister SG Amber Djewel. Business has been bouyant and the ongoing plan is to equal last year's successful sales to buyers all around the world.

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2014 News

The year got off to a brilliant start with the sale of some special GA horses and we are delighted to say that visitors have come from far and wide in the last few months and sales continue. 

SG Just Djude sired a chestnut filly in May, SG Just Martha out of Malikeh El Sakeena and at 5 weeks old she is a delight.

We have an exciting team of ridden horses in varying stages of work and young stock we are preparing for the show ring and we will be exhibiting in the UK at The Midland Festival and The British Nationals this year. Afterwhich, we will be headed for Europe with several of our beautiful homebreds and wish friends, clients  and new owners a fabulous season.  

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2013 News

A year when exciting prospects unfolded .

SG Imagine's 2013 foals were all on the ground by late spring. A filly from our show girl G Baryshnia, SG BIATA IMAGE, a colt from maiden mare SG Ebreea, SG ESHAN IMAGE and another out of SG Mistral, SG MINSTRIL IMAGE.

Jullyen El Jamaal son, Jullyus JJ sired a daughter out of LC Southern Majic, SG MAYESTA JAMAAL a full sister to SG Mara Jamaal.

SG latif Ibn Liana sired a daughter out of G Akushla , pretty grey filly SG Anoushka.   

And our younger WH Justice son, SG Just Djude, sired his very first offspring. A colt out of Eline Polish mare Egala, SG JUST EMANUEL and another from SG Imagine'sdam, SG Hessta Shaklana, SG JUST JASPER.

Georgian Arabians quality performance horses, are all at varying stages of preperation for ridden work and ready to go to new homes in the winter months and there are some exceptional examples of youngsters bred for endurance.

For sales information and prices please contact the stud on - 01398 371187 

From 1997 to the year 2012 Georgian Arabians have won an astounding 20 British National Championship titles ranging from Yearlings in hand, through to Senior Ridden and last year, were proud to add home bred WH Justice son SG Imagine. British National Champion 2012. 

Exciting plans are at foot for the promotional side of Georgian Arabians and for the very first time in a 20 year breeding program the stud is making available for sale some very special homebred horses.


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News ~ 2012

We went to few shows in the year 2012 but had amazing success at the two we entered. The first was the Midland Festival where WH Justice daughter SG Mathilda J, found herself in the Championship after a breathtaking performance shown in a decidedly muddy arena.

Our gorgeous Straight Egyptian stallion SG Iris at only his second in hand show, decided to prove what a man he was but in so doing, lost all concentration for the job in hand. However, we came home with great photographs and a first prize for Best Homebred !!. This gorgeous stallion has yet to prove himself in halter showing but we know has it in him. However now, having just been backed, he is performing in walk trot and canter with confidence and looks a picture.

Our other stallion at the show did not let us down. SG latif Ibn Liana won his halter class in the Egyptian related section of the show. It was held on a points system and the three European judges awarded him a score of 92.6. Eventually he went on to take the Reserve Champion title, to well known Champion Stallion True Colours.

THE BRITISH NATIONALS in July was for all at Georgian Arabians an exceptional show to say the least. Susan George had brought over from the Middle East, American trainer Troy Smith, who showed her WH Justice homebred son SG Imagine to perfection. This ethereal white stallion won the hearts of the crowd along with judge Lynn Tait, who's decription of him in Horse and Hound reads "He filled my eye with type, extravagant and correct movement and limbs. Every time I looked at him he was showing his socks off." SG Imagine won top honors bringing home the title of BRITISH NATIONAL CHAMPION 2012. To see pictures of a day that belonged to Imagine go to Winners Enclosure page, on this site.   

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News ~ 2011

SG Jeddah

(Haiti Shaklana x Jullyus JJ) ~ Reserve Supreme Stafford C Show 2011


Ridden to perfection by leasee Frances Atkinson

SG Jeddah ~ Novice Stallion British National Champion


Egatist takes to the dressage world with producer Andrew Lovell. 

and below Andrew and Bolaero


A Collage of photographs on a memorable day in September .

Our Georgian Arabians Showcase 2010.


Happy 30th bithday to The king of Georgian Arabians Artist,

Sired by Aswan out of Stihia

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The Winners Enclosure 2010

SG Imagine

Bronze Medal Winner The Midland Festival


SG Jeddah

On lease to Frances and Paul Atkinson

Reserve Champion Novice Ridden The Midland Festival


Georgian Arabians SG Latif and Luzhanas Star Gazer, greet His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales at West End Premiere

May 2010


SG Imagine


SG Latif Ibn Liana

Reserve Champion Wales and West 2010


Georgian Arabians Present

Egatist at the Golden Horse shoe

Stallion Winner Horse of the Year Show 2009

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The Winners Enclosure 2009


Artist x Egala

Winning Stallion Horse of the Year Show 2009

Congratulations to ,Ace trainer Jeff Grace and Super rider Abi Taylor for their love and commitment in producing our fabulous boy Egatist



Borneo x Halina Shaklana

Horse of the Year Show 3rd Placed Stallion 2009

Junior British National Champion Stallion 2009

Thank you to Mathew our rider and friend for a great year in which you once again rode our gorgeous Bolaero and other Georgian Arabians horses to perfection.


SG Imagine

WH Justice x SG Hessta Shaklana

British National Reserve, Reserve Junior Male Champion

Thank you to Mark Gamlin for a super succesful in hand showing season 2009.


SG Amber Djewel

WH Justice x Djewel

British National Reserve, Reserve Female Champion



Borneo x Halina Shaklana

British National Champion Junior Ridden Stallion


SG Latif

KZ Ibreez x Liana El Shaklan

Reserve, Reserve Junior Male Champion Stafford C Show


SG Esskimo

Essteem x Heloisa Shaklana

Reserve Champion The Dunster Agricultural Show


SG Matisse

WH Justice x Malikeh El Sakeena

Class Winner Stafford C Show


SG Spirit of Essteem

Essteem x Malikeh El Sakeena

Supreme Arabian Champion - The Royal C Show



Borneo x Halina Shaklana

Devon County Ridden Champion


SG Desstiny

Essteem x MB Dhakeena

Winner of Novice and Reserve Champion Overall South West Group Spring Show.


SG Intrepid

Essteem x Inaya Bint Atticus

2nd Novice & 3rd Open Wessex Spring Show

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