In Memory

Our beloved horses that are no longer with us.

G Baryshnia

Year Foaled 1994
Artist × Buhara (Moment)

Multi Champion Mare

Credits Include: 3rd place in the World Championships 1998

G BARYSHNIA had such an awsome place in the heart of Georgian Arabians and stunned allwho saw her in competition years. She was an exceptional show mare with Rusian movement so big, powerful and exciting it would take ones breath away to watch. She had many trophies to her name but probably the best remebered when she was just a few points away from becoming Silver Champion at the World Championships in Paris.

When Georgian Arabians had their annual charity presentation she would always take pride of place in the show and Baryshnia even had a designated song for her entrance, (chosen by Susan's late husband Simon) "Abba's The Dancing Queen" And on cue, Baryshnia would fly around the arena with elevation in every stride bringing the crowd to their feet.

She also proved that the Arabian in hand/halter horse can excell in diversification and at The BRITISH NATIONALS, won not only the JUNIOR MARE HALTER CLASS but the NOVICE RIDDEN AND DRESSAGE in the same year. 

She is the dam of some treasured offspring and Georgian Arabians have retained two, the beautiful SG BIATA IMAGE, a daughter of SG IMAGINE and SG BEJA JAMAAL a daughter of Jullyus JJ.

The memory of this amazing mare owner Susan George Says "Is so so special and will be with us always"......  




Haiti Shaklana

Year Foaled 1999
MA Alishah × Halina Shaklana (Kerrilyn Ibn Amir)

HAITI SHAKLANA shown as a yearling and crowned JUNIOR CHAMPION and OVERALL CHAMPTION at the Egyptian event in the United Kingdom has proved in later life to be one of the most prolific broodmares for Georgian Arabians. Producing Champion offspring in both halter and ridden disciplines. Her son SG JEDDAH by JULLYUS JJ, crowned BRITISH NATIONAL CHAMPION NOVICE ridden stallion in 2011.

In 2012 SG VIENNA IMAGE was born to Haiti, sired by SG IMAGE, son to WH JUSTICE and British National Champion. This black filly can only be described as of exceptional type and quality. She floats on the move with cadence and presence in every stride, with star presence and attitude just like her father. Last year Haiti amazingly produced another filly, a full sister to Vienna and as much as she is jet black, SG HON FLEUR IMAGE, is snow white.         


LC Southern Majic

Year Foaled 1999
Magic Dream × SC Psavannah (Padrons Psyche)


The only mare bought in from the United States to Georgian Arabians, LC SOUTHERN MAJIC, has more than fulfilled the promise of her pedigree. Majic has been shown in England and Europe over the years, bringing home many trophies. She is awesome on the move with an extravagant elevated trot, her tail always perched over her back and her beautiful arched neck completing the picture of elegance. She is admired by all who have been priviliged to see her in the showring. Majic is sired by the magnificent MAGIC DREAM and she is out of PADRON PSYCHE daughter, PSVANNAH. It was an ambition of Susan's to visit her legendary grand sire PADRON PSYCHE and when she did with her late husband in 2010 she was spellbound, to see first hand where so much of LC SOUTHERN MAJIC'S amazing presence and attitude was born.

Her offspring include, a beautiful chestnut filly by SG IMAGINE - SG DIVINE IMAGINATION, sold to the Middle East. Her two daughters by JULLYUS JJ, SG MARA JAMAAL and sibling sister, SG MAYESTA JAMAAL, remain at Georgian Arabians. 

The picture shows Majic in her favourite past time, gorgeous and muddy in the field.       


MB Dhakeena

Year Foaled 1994
Imperial Madheen × Dhakira (Dharib)

Straight Egyptian daughter of Imperial Madheen

MB DHAKEENA is Straight Egyptian and a daughter of the World famous stallion IMPERIAL MADHEEN. She has a body hard to fault and a nature that is as gentle as a lamb.With her excellent limbs and correct conformation, she has not surprisingly produced some quality offspring, that all exude type and presence. In a showcases some years ago, we presented DHAKEENA to the music of "Lady in Red" with her impressive family following behind. An amazing sight to see and something we we will always treasure.

Inaya Bint Atticus, Dhakeena's first daughter, also produced a formidable family of beauty and two years ago, a super colt, sired by British National Champion SG Imagine, SG Iyenga Image. Sadly it was to be her last baby as we lost Inaya in 2013.   

 At the grand age of 21, in May 2015 Dhakeena delivered a gorgeous filly by SG Imagine.



SG Mistral

Year Foaled 2002
Borneo × Malikeh El Sakeena (Maleik El Kheil)

SG MISTRAL is a daughter of Spanish National Champion BORNEO.Her dam was Georgian Arabians gorgeous MALEIK EL KHEIL daughter the late, MALIKEH EL SAKKEENA, dam also of CHAMPION STALLION - SG SPIRIT OF ESSTEEM.

MISTRAL is a lovely looking mare with a huge expressive eye. She has excellent structure a strong body with good limbs and plenty of bone. She is powerful yet effortless in action which almost has to be seen to be believed. Her years bare no relation to this mares spirit and energy and she would make a young or elder persons perfect riding horse. MISTRAL has produced some beautiful offspring in her life time though never over used and now is the time for country rides and a one to one partnership. Might you be the lucky one? 



Year Foaled 2001
Ansata El Salaam × MB Dhakeena (Imperial Madheen)

Its hard to put into words how precious Djewel is to owner breeder Susan George, as when this mare was just a few weeks old she was taken to Newmarket with a suspected broken neck.It was never discovered how this happened but once diagnosed, all that could be done for her was to hope and pray for her survival. A large creche made from straw bales was created at the farm to allow her to play and her owners believed with her indomnitable spirit, she would win the day. 

Now many years later Djewel prances in the field with her head held high and her tail permenantly over her back and that wonderful look of her sire, Ansata El Salam. Her mother is an exquisite daughter of Imperial Madheen and the coupling of this sire and dam has produced a treasured mare.



SG Just Djude

Year Foaled 2009
WH Justice × Djewel (Ansata El Salaam)

WH Justice son, SG Just Djude, is a strikingly pretty chestnut stallion and full brother to SG Amber Djewel. Djude is refined in type and structure with a well made body, bone and limbs and a good hip and smooth croup. He has a good length of neck set on a well-angulated shoulder and an exotic head with deliciously expressive eye. Djude is both elegant and powerful and exciting to watch on the move. 

This beautiful boy needs camapigning as he has potential for a great future in halter or under saddle and for a descerning breeder his bloodlines are of exceptional quality - grandparents Straight Egyptians (Ansata El Salaam) and (Imperial Madheen)    



SG Just Martha

Year Foaled 2014
SG Just Djude × Malikeh El Sakeena (Maleik El Kheil)

Color Chestnut

SG Just Martha has a charming independant character but is willing to please on every level. Martha is well conformed, with a good structured balanced body and level top line. She is smaller than expected from her famiy bloodlines but best things often come in small packages and with out doubt, standing at 13,3 hands she has all that beauty has to offer. She is rich in colour with a flowing flaxen mane and sees herself as a magnificent show pony with snort and blow and effotless acion on the move. 



Malikeh El Sakeena

Year Foaled 1993
Maleik El Kheil × Shahmir (Mudir)

Malikeh has been the most amazing asset to Georgian Arabians, producing a host of exceptional showhorses. Her first born colt SG Spirit of Essteem, as a yearling was crowned British National Champion and Reserve Supreme of the National show. Since that time, she has had many more fillies than colts, including SG Lace, and two very special show mares sired by WH Justice, SG Matisse and SG Mathilda. Her eyes are large soft and full of expression. She has a well conformed strong body that has stood the test of time since entering her senior years and she still moves effortlessly with extravagance and pride. 


Inaya Bint Atticus

Year Foaled 1998
The Atticus × MB Dhakeena (Imperial Madheen)

Color Bay

Breeding Purebred Arabian

Bloodline Egyptian


Inaya Bint Atticus

Year Foaled 1998
The Atticus × MB Dhakeena (Imperial Madheen)

Color Bay

This beautiful mare with the most expressive dark eyes I have ever seen was the most extraordinary brood mare producing  among others homozygous black stallion SG Indigo and the delectable SG Iris. Inaya had the sweetest of temperements and although quiet of nature, on the move she was a sight to see.

RIP beautiful girl. 


SG Serafina

Year Foaled 2007
SG Spirit of Essteem - British National Champion × Misk Tarifa (Maleik El Kheil)

Color Grey



Year Foaled 1993
Grandorr × Egina (Palas)

EGALA is E-line Polish bred and this mare is an astounding producer of athletic show horses.

EGALA has been a prolific broodmare for Georgian Arabians, producing one after the other, strong, charismatic, athletic offspring, many of whom have gone on to compete at the highest level. We have outcrossed many times but she never fails to put her amazing stamp on all she produces. Her structure is faultless, with a good length of body, deep chest, smooth top line and plenty of bone. She is still a stunning mover and quite like a teenager, although now in her senior years. She has been such an asset to our breeding programme and this year is in foal to WH JUSTICE son, SG JUST DJUDE.  



Year Foaled 1981
Aswan × Stihia (Topol)

"The King of Georgian Arabians" Our magnificent incomparable Artist, born and bred at the Tersk Stud in Russia in 1981 was one of the few remaining sons of the legendary Aswan.

Artist had an extraordinarily successful career on the racetrack in young life and was a proven sire of superlative progeny with type power and athleticism. Many of Artist's progeny have gone on to have careers in performance disciplines.

His son Egatist, out of E line Polish mare Egala, made us all amazingly proud when he became Champion Ridden Stallion at The Horse of the Year Show in 2009.

Sadly in November 2012 we had to say goodbye.

Photograph taken in 2009 of our golden boy by Susan. See collectors edition of Arabian Magazine 2012 for this photograph on the cover and a superb article written by Samantha Mattocks on the many acheivments of Artist - King of Georgian Arabians.




Pustinja was such a special mare who years ago I was lucky enough to learn about through a friend who knew, once seen, I would fall in love with her and I did. Thank you Jane Khadri. This superp Russian mare was a stunning mover with elegance and cadence in every powerful stride and she won many a prize in the show arena. Her best baby was a filly by Essteem called SG Epernay. She just like her mother became a talked about show horse and we were so very proud. Then, one day in in a very bad winter storm Epernay was badly injured. Show horse no longer, there was never the less a positive outcome to the irresistably beautiful Epernays life, when she found a new home and is treasured with friends.



Gwizd × Piala (ASWAN)

Simon my late husband bought Paleogeia for me as a present. I knew about this extraodinary Russian/Polish mare by reputation before visiting the Gucci stud to see her in the flesh and she fulfilled every expectation and more. She won so many trophy's with us and one that i will always remember was the Wales and West show in its hay day. She was by then in senior years but flew round that ring her grand extravagant movement a sight to see, as if a youngster performing for the very first time. She was also the best of broodmares and her offspring went on to carry her name in lights, notably her stallion son by World Champion Essteem, SG Palastreem who had a sensational winning year under saddle in 2009.   



Year Foaled 1986
Rezolute Bay × Ludora (Ludo)

Luzhana (1986-2007) - The irreplaceable late Georgian Arabians foundation mare. A multi Champion both in hand and under saddle. 

British National Champion Novice Ridden
British Reserve Champion Purebred Ridden
Champion Pure Bred Novice Ridden Haydock Park
Champion European Ridden Mare
Supreme British National Championship 1997