SG Ruby Djewel Image

Year Foaled 2015
Gender Filly
Color Grey

SG Imagine - British National Champion × Djewel

RUBY DJEWEL was born on Sunday 25th May 2015 and instead of it being the expected happy ocassion, it was tinged with great sadness, as we lost her beautiful mother Djewel on the night she entered the world!. Feelings at the time and now are that this daughter Ruby had to be a god given gift. For a week or so, we sat up day and night bringing up baby by hand, until the most amazing moment when we were called at the stud and offered the opportunity of a surrogate mother.

Soon gorgeous little Dartmoor mare JP was brought to the farm, and I thank her kind breeder/owner Caroline Belam, who was only too pleased to help. After some planned and careful introduction she and Ruby Djewel became as one....  

RUBY is now 5 years old and a combination of her mother DJEWEL (sired by ANSATA El SALAAM) and SG IMAGINE (by WH Justice) and similar to her sister SG Amber Djewl in both type and presence. Ruby and best friend Dhakira have grown up naturally in the field coming in for handling and preperation for the big world out there and the many opportunities open to them. Obviously sweetest Ruby is and always will be a treasured mare that we are fortunate to have in our lives.

SG Ruby Djewel Image
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