SG Indiana Bint Ibreez

Year Foaled 2006
Gender Mare

KZ Ibreez × Inaya Bint Atticus

Straight Egyptian mare SG INDIANA is an IMPERIAL MADHEEN granddaughter out of the late INAYA BINT ATTICUS. She was an outstanding foal and has retained her classic type and beauty. Indiana has exceptional expressive eyes and a shapely defined head with lovely length of neck that she uses beutifully on the move. She has her dam's structure and body, a level back and croup and good dense bone. Her sire KZ IBREEZ an exotic chestnut stallion by AL MARAAM was on lease to Georgian Arabian for several years.The breeding potential of this exitic straight Egyptian mare is an exciting prospect for any descerning breeder.

SG Indiana Bint Ibreez
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