SG Grace and Gratitude

Year Foaled 2011
Gender Mare
Color Grey

SG Latif Ibn Liana × SG Hessta Shaklana

SG GRACE AND GRATITUDE is named in honour of my long time girlfriend Olivia Newton John and a song that she composed by the same name Grace and Gratitude.

Our Gracie suits her name as she has an athereal beauty and superlitive bloodlines on both sides of her family tree. Her sire the beautious SG LATIF IBN LIANA, a son of Straight Egyptian KZ IBREEZ and her dam SG HESSTA SHAKLANA a daughter of WORLD CHAMPION ESSTEEM (mother of SG IMAGINE) Grace is tall and elegant, well bodied and boned with a smooth hip and croup. She has the classic El Shaklan beauty about her and is a picture of elegance on the move. 

SG Grace and Gratitude
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