SG Ebreea

Year Foaled 2006

KZ Ibreez × Egala

SG EBREEA is from Polish/Straight Egyptian bloodlines. She is an exceptionally well bodied mare, strong in structure and with plenty of bone just like her mother the late Eline Polish mare Egala one of the most prolific broodmares at the stud out of EGINA. Ebreeas sire is KZ IBREEZ a straight Egyptian stallion with immense presence and exotic type, who stood at Georgian Arabians for a number of years. Ebreea has taken the best from both sides of her family tree and with her pretty looks and lovely length of neck looks the perfect pisture on the move.

Ebbrea's offspring are SG ESHAN IMAGE the prettiest pure white gelding and his spitting image younger brother SG ENIGMA IMAGE, both sired by our premiere WH Justice stallion SG IMAGINE.


SG Ebreea
KZ Ibreez Al Maraam Imperial Imdal Ansata Imperial
The Vision HG Thee Desperado
Belle Star
MB Norfila El Norus Norus
SRA Nafila Shatal
*Bint Farha
Egala Grandorr Naborr Negativ
Gwadiana Amurath-Sahib
Egina Palas Aswan
Estrada Burkan