SG Beja Jamaal

Year Foaled 2010

Jullyus JJ × G Baryshnia

This wonderful mare is a daughter of our Multi Champion G BARYISHNIA (Artist x Buhara (Moment). After a successful show career, we retired her mother from the ring many years ago and have since bred some treasured offspring.  As a junior mare G BARYSHNA took a third prize at the World Championships in Paris and proved the versitilty of our breed, excelling in both halter and ridden disciplines adjacently. Beja’s sire is JULLYUS JJ a gorgeous son of Scottsdale Champion Stallion, JULLYEN EL JAMAAL.

This flea bitten grey mare with dreamy eyes is well-conformed with a super length of neck which she uses, as with extravagant movement she mirrors that look of her Champion dam. Beja has a gentle temperament and backed some years ago shes an easy confident ride but best is her amazing potential to breed on her X factor quaity and she will only be sold to a family to cherish.


SG Beja Jamaal
Jullyus JJ Jullyen El Jamaal Ali Jamaal Ruminaja Ali
Heritage Memory
Jullye El Ludjin Ludjin El Jamaal
NV Justa Dream
Glitter VF Bey Shah Bay El Bey
Star of Ofir
Raffoleta-Rose Raffon
Leta Rose
G Baryshnia Artist Aswan Nazeer
Stihia Topol
Buhara Moment Salon
Nevesta Aswan
Nagrada II