SG Anoushka

Year Foaled 2013
Gender Filly
Color Grey

SG Latif Ibn Liana × G Akushla

Endurance prospect SG ANOUSHKA is a lovely youngster, with a great structure, strength of body and limbs. She moves with an elevated trot with length of stride and in motion is full of personality and vibrance. She has two half sisters, one SG GRACE AND GRATITUDE and the other SG ANESSTASIA. This special mare sold several years ago has become an enormous success story in the world of endurance. In July 2015 owner/rider Jo Gibson and SG ANESSTASIA won for the second year running the 100 km at Cirencester Park. As our gorgeous SG ANOUSHKA matures, its becomng more and more evident that she too is destined for a life of performance.  

SG Anoushka
SG Latif Ibn Liana KZ Ibreez Al Maraam Imperial Imdal
The Vision HG
MB Norfila El Norus
SRA Nafila
Liana El Shaklan El Shaklan Shaker El Masri
Monicaleeze Taleeze
Amorous Azalea
G Akushla Artist Aswan Nazeer
Stihia Topol
Akbura Balaton Menes
Amunitia Antey