G Baryshnia

Year Foaled 1994
Gender Mare

Artist × Buhara

Multi Champion Mare

Credits Include: 3rd place in the World Championships 1998

G BARYSHNIA had such an awsome place in the heart of Georgian Arabians and stunned allwho saw her in competition years. She was an exceptional show mare with Rusian movement so big, powerful and exciting it would take ones breath away to watch. She had many trophies to her name but probably the best remebered when she was just a few points away from becoming Silver Champion at the World Championships in Paris.

When Georgian Arabians had their annual charity presentation she would always take pride of place in the show and Baryshnia even had a designated song for her entrance, (chosen by Susan's late husband Simon) "Abba's The Dancing Queen" And on cue, Baryshnia would fly around the arena with elevation in every stride bringing the crowd to their feet.

She also proved that the Arabian in hand/halter horse can excell in diversification and at The BRITISH NATIONALS, won not only the JUNIOR MARE HALTER CLASS but the NOVICE RIDDEN AND DRESSAGE in the same year. 

She is the dam of some treasured offspring and Georgian Arabians have retained two, the beautiful SG BIATA IMAGE, a daughter of SG IMAGINE and SG BEJA JAMAAL a daughter of Jullyus JJ.

The memory of this amazing mare owner Susan George Says "Is so so special and will be with us always"......  



G Baryshnia
Artist Aswan Nazeer Mansour
Bint Samiha
Yosreia Sheikh El Arab
Stihia Topol Priboj
Sapina Arax
Solianka II
Buhara Moment Salon Negativ
Malpia Priboj
Nevesta Aswan Nazeer
Nagrada II Arax
Naparnitsa II